The Thizzler Street Team pulled up to The Jacka Art Show (Recap)

Last year, two years to the day since his passing, people from the Bay Area and some surrounding cities came together in solidarity for The Jacka. From 9 PM until damn near 2 in the morning, Venue in Oakland was packed. There were photographs and art pieces on the walls, and his music was playing all night. Artist @SplashGangOriginal of the 510 was doing a live painting and art show attendees were chopping it up, sippn’ and smoking. Some people were family and long time friends. Some had seen him rock at a show, while others had never met him. But it was no matter because the one thing we all had in common was a love for him and his music.

Thank you to Jack’s team and all the people who made the show happen. We hope you enjoy the footage and remember we’ve got Jack History Month radio going on 24/7. Yee!

Check out the recap above shot and edited by Sanny Bisquerra.


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