Adrian Per – So You Want To Be An Artist? II Why Not? Ep. 1 (Vlog)

Multi-media creative @OMGAdrian releases a captivating vlog to revitalize his youtube channel. Adrian Per has delivered some of the most refreshing visuals out the Bay in 2016 for artists like Elujay and Caleborate. He is well versed in production, engineering, filming, editing and just about everything in between. The vlog serves as a bit of a highlight reel, while sharing a lot about his artist outlook and views on the industry. While giving a lot personally, overall the visual is more focused on serving his fellow creatives. He calls them to share, support and reachout in an effort to connect those wandering through life through a different lense, a creative lense. The first of his new visual series check out Adrian Per’s “So You Want To Be An Artist? ll Why Not?”.


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