12 Gauge Shotie x Lil Blood – Creep (Music Video)

@12TheLivewire x @lilblood_DAkid hit us with the brand new visual for “Creep”, directed by Blind Folks Vision films. The #YZE hitta and the #3rdWorldMobEnt. boss use one of their ladies as bait at a gas station to catch a mark slippin’. Within a few minutes of layin’ the trap, a man pulls up in a benz and begs the lady for her digits to chill later at a hotel. The man eventually makes his way to the hotel and is roofied and robbed blind by the two women he thought was feelin’ him, and they take the loot back to 12 Gauge and Blood who are waiting in the cut! Watch “Creep” above, from Lil Blood x 12 Gauge Shotie’s joint project “Chicken Talk”.

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