Goapele – Dreamseeker (EP)

@Goapele invites fans on a journey through fantasy, with her Dreamseeker EP. The 10 track project couldn’t be more aptly titled. As the introductory track begins to unfold, its sound will have the listener feeling as if they’re drifting off into one of their most serene nights of sleep. From there, Goapele’s angelic vocals whisk the listener through a whimsical trip through her heart, mind and soul. From “$ecret” and “Power” to the BJ the Chicago Kid featured “Stay”, Goapele offers a different look into her closest thoughts, each one as intimate as the one that came before. Laced with airy interludes, the project truly feels like a dream only to be woken up by the final track “Cool Breeze”. Let one of Oakland’s finest vocalists, Goapele, take you for a trip on her Dreamseaker EP.

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