JAMMY – Gold Chain (Prod. Future James)

@MayFlowerJAMMY and producer @FutureJames_ are two young, talented men coming out of American Canyon, and we’ve been keeping our eyes on them. You might recognize Jammy from his “Edibles Yeemix” song that P-Lo had picked up. With this new song they put out just last night, “Gold Chain”, you can tell why we’ve been watching and waiting. If you listen carefully (or read the lyrics which he put on his Soundcloud), you’ll get to know a little bit more about Jammy and how/who he rolls with. I consider this true, high quality music because not only is production on HIT but those lyrics really mean something, you can hear it in his voice. There is purpose and genuineness behind those bars! Jammy has hinted at an entire project coming out soon but hey, maybe he’ll drop a song or two before…! Looks like we’re gonna have to sit tight and find out! Press play to hear “Gold Chain” for yourself. Yee!


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