TZLR News: DJ Fresh vs Traxamillion? Happy BDay Jacka! SOB x RBE, Philthy Rich & more at Summer Jam

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The past week has been lit and full of eventful happenings. Traxamillion and DJ Fresh began a beat-making war on social media which might evolve into an actual event. We also had DJ Quest, The Jacka’s DJ, stop by to share some of his favorite stories to celebrate The Jacka’s birthday! We’d be missing out if we didn’t mention how lit this year’s KMEL Summer Jam was. Philthy Rich, Show Banga, and SOB x RBE all made appearances. Kamaiayah’s slap is on NBA 2K, Travis Scott challenged the Warriors to a game of basketball and more! Tune in to the latest episode of TZLR News!

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