Mozzy – 1 Up Top Ahk (Album)

@MozzyThaMotive releases his highly anticipated album 1 Up Top Ahk. Mozzy’s been rapping for well over a decade, but the last year alone has amounted to unbelievable achievements compared the days between now and his early beginnings rapping as Lil Timothy. From coming out of Oak Park, to winning over the whole Bay Area, Mozzy is one of few Northern Californian rappers to go on to gain national esteem. His output over the last two years is literally incomparable. Not only has he dropped over a dozen projects but each one has been lyrically stunning, solidifying him as one of the best linguists in the game. There have been a handful of projects released since Mozzy first announced 1 Up Top Ahk, building massive amounts of hype, but 1 Up Top Ahk is more than Mozzy’s most awaited release, its a celebration for his family, his collaborators, the Mozzy camp and everyone who has remained loyal and supportive. Mozzy’s 1 Up Top Ahk is out now, and it’s mandatory cop.


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