Spencer Stevens – Summer In The Town Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

@SpencerXStevens drops Summer In The Town Vol. 2 with @Lulbearrubberban @22ndways & more. The Oakland producer has been on point in the last year to say the least. With a handful of exceptions, the Bay Area music scene has been rather light in regards to critical producers. A lot of production heard on the scene comes from out of state instrumentals found on Youtube, while many Nor Cal producers are still featuring the same stabs and synths that have been in circulation for years. Meanwhile Spencer Stevens continues to make his signature felt, you don’t need to hear Lulbearrubberband dropping his name on the intro to know the beat is a Spencer Stevens joint. Stevens’ production nods to the old school and brings a level of Southern muddiness to it, but also has the propensity for the aggressive, hard-bodied flow coming out the Bay at the moment. His work is almost reminiscent of DJ Paul, not only in terms of the sounds used but in his versatile ability to deliver a laid back yet, grabbing beat for Lulbear to coast over or to pick up the tempo with a quick hitter for AllBlack to drill through. Now Spencer Stevens drops off a solo endeavor, the sequel to Summer In The Town. Featuring Lulbearrubberband, AllBlack, Mack, Legendary and more, Spencer Stevens offers up a sampling of his ranging styles all with that P’d by Spencer Stevens signature with his latest Summer In The Town Vol.2.

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