Lil Debbie – OG In My System (Album)

@L1lDebbie is back at it with her first full album release of 2017, OG In My System. The 11 track project released just a few days ago has been doing very well for itself. Lil Debbie happily celebrated the drop in sunny Los Angeles, at a free smoke out party hosted by cannabis extraordinaires, Spliffin. It looked hella lit according to her Instagram! So far, “I Get It”, “Keep On Lookin” and “Show You”, are what I’ve been listening to the most. You can hear how much energy spends putting into her music, and you can see it in her music videos as well. It is also worth noting that Debbie reached out to the East Coast with OG In My System. The albums only two features are singers @SonyaeElise of New Jeresey and @StacyBarthe of New York. With Lil Debbie’s release of EP, XXIII with the Barong Family earlier this year, and now the music video for “All We Need Is Love”, we can see how versatile of an artist she is. From The Bay to LA, New York to Texas, Lil Debbie has created a real name for herself. As a fan, it is always exciting to see and hear an artist grow. Shout out Lil Debbie for being an outspoken female figure and always holding it down for The Bay area! Yee!


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