Iamsu – Back 2 Basics

@Iamsu hits us on the late night with a brand new track titled, “Back 2 Basics”. In it, we can hear the classic sounds of an HBK melody and of course, Iamsu going hard. Year after year, song after song, this Bay Area rapper has consistantly put out good music and it’s clear his fans love him for it. “Back 2 Basics” is another great example of Iamsu’s talents in both rapping and producing. Press play to hear this two minutes and fifty seconds of fire for yourself! Oh! Also, don’t forget that Iamsu will be performing at the Fox Theater in Downtown Oakland on September 9th! Be sure to check out HBKIamsu.com, where you and your friends can all cop tickets for the show. Don’t miss out Bay Area! Yee!


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