So Drove Ft. Kreayshawn x CupcaKKe x TT The Artist – Get Ya Shine On (Music Video)

@SoDrove of Los Angeles features @Kreayshawn of The Bay Area x @CupcaKKe_Rapper of Chicago x @TTTheArtist of Florida, in this game changing music video for their song “Get Ya Shine On”. Frankly, it’s refreshing to not only see a group of talented women in front of the camera, but also in a manner we may not normally see. Society puts preassure on women to look and act a certain way, but this music video pushes back against those stereotypes. All of these women have reputations of being unconventional and this music video is a breath of fresh air. Filled with Drag Queens, gold grills and confident women, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before. To wrap it up in one word: different, and I love it. Press play to get a taste of all the action for yourself. Yee!

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