Rexx Life Raj – IDFWYN (Prod. Kyle Betty)

@RexxLifeRaj and Rexx Life producer @KyleBetty91 have just dropped “IDFWYN”, where Raj let’s us hear a piece of what’s on his mind. The meaning and overall message of the song is in the title, and the first 30 seconds of it, “I never pick it up, they still on my phone. If your number ain’t saved in my phone, leave me the f*** alone”. We’ve all wondered what it would be like to have fame but, seldom do we think about the cons of it. Imagine not knowing a person’s motive for shaking your hand when you meet them, but because of your status, you cannot help but assume they want something from you. In this song, we hear a personal narrative from Raj, where he delivers a crystal clear message pertaining to his experiences with these feelings. It’s always refreshing to hear an artist spill some honesty into the microphone. Talk about intellectual content. Shout out Raj and Kyle for making quality music. Press play above to listen. Yee!


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