Just Rese – Groov (Music Video)

@JustRese_ is an ambitious and dedicated artist coming out of Oakland, California, who releases a great deal of creativity and originality into his music. Recently, he teamed up with director @AmiraHadiya and videographer @ShotByGino to bring us this mini-short movie for his song, “Groov”. Trust me, it’s not your average music video! Between the aesthetic of the production and how the storyline depicted connects to the song, a unique sense of wonder is created. Which, we can each interpret on our own, one of the many beautiful things about music. His almost comedic lyrics portraying a relationship with a girl he can’t stay away from (who he seems to have lost on the dance floor), paired with that super groovy beat, make this the perfect song to wake up to, go to sleep to, roll up to, pour a few to….you get the picture. It is also worth mentioning that this single is one of many more to come, as Just Rese’s project titled, HIPS, is well on it’s way to being completed. We look forward to it! And of course, what is an artist without a proudcer? Music composition for “Groov” is provided by @WaxRoof. Press play above to watch for yourself. Yee!


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