Young Bari Ft. The Jacka x Flow – Let The People Say It

@YoungBari has just released a song he created with @TheJacka and Richmond singer, Flow, titled “Let The People Say It”. This song has so much sentimental value, and truly shows us how the legendary Jacka lives on in his music. I spoke directly with Bari about the process of making “Let The People Say It”, and when I asked him what he wanted the people to know about it, he said ” It’s a record we did before he passed. I been holding onto it for years, and now I’m finally putting it out! It’s a tribute record so it means a lot to me”. He continued in saying “…a lot of people don’t know how close me and Jack was. I introduced him to a lot of upcoming artists…I had a real relationship with thuggy”. It has been a little over two years since The Jack tragically passed, and he is missed every single day. Young Bari emphasizes this in his lyrics, and Jack spits some real words about his trials and tribulations in making it in the music game. “Let The People Say It” was produced by @JeffroMusic. BAY AREA STAND UP! RIP THE JACKA! YEE!

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