Nef The Pharaoh – My Way Freestyle

@NefThePharaoh channels Beeda Weeda from his 2008 Da Thizzness album, on his most recently released track, “My Way Freestyle”. Speaking on his various rapper-island-type experiences, like his life before the fame compared to how he lives now, Nef delivers yet again. As a young visionary from the itty bitty city by the water we know as Vallejo, it is so incredible to see how far he has come. Not only has he grown as a rapper, but as a performer and entertainer as well. He went from making music videos at a friend’s house in “Really Mobbin‘” in 2013, to “Bitch I’m From Vallejo” in 2015, to rocking big chains and screaming “Bling Blaow” in 2017. And the whole time he’s repping his city and staying true to his recognizable sound. Now if that isn’t hard work paid off, I don’t know what is. Nef’s ongoing success story continues to flourish as he pushes out more and more dope sounds. He brings Bay Area culture wherever he goes and for all that, we thank him. Press play above to hear his “My Way Freestyle”. Shout out Neffy! Yee!


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