San Jose’s Lazy-Boy is becoming “Kinda Famous”

In late 2015, Thizzler’s resident expert on the San Jose rap scene Young Monc introduced us to a promising new artist representing the 408. Lazy-Boy, representing the East Side of San Jose, made his Thizzler debut with a couple collab records, but quickly struck gold on his own with his breakout single, “In My Hood“.

The JuneOnnaBeat-produced single found Lazy-Boy speaking on the hardships of dealing with SJPD’s Gang Task Force, while also having to keep an eye out for opposing gangs who want his head. The King Looi directed visual for the song, which has been viewed 1.5 million times to date on the Thizzler Youtube channel, introduced new fans to the face tatted, gun toting rapper/singer, and made him a favorite among 2016’s class of up & comers. The single was nominated for Best Single in 2016’s Best of Thizzler awards, while Lazy-Boy himself was nominated for Best New Artist.

Lazy went on to release the In My Hood LP which also had popular records like “Hella Missed Calls” and “Rep My Gang” in 2016, but has been relatively quiet in 2017 – until November 2nd, when he released his new album Kinda Famous. On the heels of the release, we tapped in with Lazy-Boy for the first ever cover story on the new – see what he had to say below.

Thizzler: What was it like growing up in San Jose?

Lazy-Boy: San Jose is a Mexican gang infested city, so I was kinda forced into the gang shit. It’s just apart of growing up on the East Side. I lost all of my best friends by the age of 18.

T: What’s changed since the In My Hood album?

LB: Ever since In My Hood, I’ve been paying my bills off of this rap shit. It’s a blessing. I’m becoming a smarter business man every day. Any mall I walk into in Northern Cali, there’s people running up asking for pictures. I learned that it’s not just about the music, it’s about the image.

T: What inspired the title Kinda Famous?

LB: The thing that made me come up with “Kinda Famous” is that everyone started knowing who i was. And I use the word “kinda” because I’m still in touch with the streets.

T: What do you want to accomplish with this album?

LB: With this album, I wanna accomplish alotta things. I want the fans to see my growth, and I want my income to get bigger, and I want my name and my brand to be on a higher level. And I’m 100% positive all that will happen because like I said, I’m learning the business more and more. And besides that, I come from nothing so I wasn’t ever supposed to be shit. My school teachers told me I wouldn’t ever amount to nothing. I’ve already found a way to pay the bills off of my name. So I’m gunna keep working hard and handling my business.

T: What do you want the fans to know about Lazy-Boy?

LB: I want the fans to know that anythings possible. Because I was supposed to be dead by now, according to statistics.

T: What’s next?

LB: I’m gonna take it to the next level. I’m gonna be the biggest thing san jose has ever seen. Everything is going to keep getting bigger. Big shout out to Gold Toes, Thizzler, Young Monc, Ghazi and Alán at Empire.

You can follow Lazy-Boy on Instagram at @Lazy5777. You can listen to Almost Famous on streaming apps here. You can find all of Lazy-Boy’s music on Thizzler here. To book Lazy-Boy for a show or feature, you can email (Promoted)


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