Oakland’s Dolla Dame carries the torch for FOD with “Greenside”

Dolla Dame - Greenside Cover

To many, Oakland’s Philthy Rich is one of the Bay’s biggest street artists. But to everybody’s surprise, he recently announced that he’d be retiring from rap at the end of 2018. So who’s going to step in to fill that void?

Enter Dolla Dame. After signing with Philthy’s FOD (short for Funk Or Die) label about 9 months ago, the Oakland rapper has been putting in major work. With support from Philthy Rich, some calculated collaborations, a cold flow and a unique story all his own, he’s been able to build a solid following in a short time. And one trait in particular stands out, one that Philthy has made his trademark as well – an unstoppable work ethic.

Dame’s last mixtape Only The Gang came out just three months ago and featured big singles such as Packed Out & Definition, but he’s already back at it with the release of his latest effort Greenside. The new project finds Dolla Dame giving us more of his gritty street rap, in which he delves deep into a philosophy surrounding appropriate conduct and honorable behavior. Ultimately he believes you ride for your gang, and stay true to your word. There isn’t any room for fake friends, or people who pretend to be about the life that he actually lives.

We had a chance to speak with Dolla Dame about his new album Greenside and his plans for the future. Read on below to get to know the FOD representative.

Thizzler: What was it like growing up in Oakland?

Dolla Dame: Regular Oakland stuff.  Had to hustle, street shit. It’s the same city to city. Had to stand on your own two and be ready. It’s the streets, you know how it goes.  It’s rough, it’s crazy, but it’s life and when you living like that, it’s regular shit.

T: How did you get connected with Philthy and FOD?

DD:  been knew Philthy in the streets, we always had a cool relationship. As we got closer, he got wind of me doing music. He actually was just doing me a favor and sent my video to Thizzler – y’all posted it and said I was FOD. Lol. That being my nigga and he know I’m solid no fufu in my background, he gave me the option to push the label with him. I respect what bro doing music wise and everyday stuff, so it made sense, and after that it was a wrap. We sat down, talked and it fell in place.  FOD isn’t something you can sign to just because you rap. Our relationship was before music.

T: Why follow up Only The Gang so soon?

DD: I’m just working right now. Tryna give the fans new content, no real reason. I just wanna stay consistent and hungry.

T: What do you want to accomplish with Greenside?

DD: My main goal is to just gain more recognition and fans, tap into some new ears. I want to show the people I’m working and that I’m going to continue to drop dope music.

T: What do you want the fans to know about Dolla Dame?

DD:  I want them to know I’m here, gone be here and I’m here to be a problem with this music.

T: What’s next?

DD: My new project called DNA… and a few new videos for the Greenside tape!

Check out everything from Dolla Dame right here on Thizzler. You can follow Dolla Dame on Instagram at @DollaDameFOD. (Promoted)


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