Rexx Life Raj – Father Figure 2: Flourish (Album)

@RexxLifeRaj returns with the follow up to 2016’s Father Figure. The 15-track album finds Raj revisiting and expanding upon the ideas and sounds that he introduced on Father Figure. Since the release of Raj’s star making 2016 opus, he’s grown both as an artist and a brand. Today we get an album that showcases a Raj who knows that he’s mid-glow up. He’s more recognized today than he’s ever been, but he’s far from where he wants to be.

Father Figure 2 represents a necessary step in the direction of achieving his lofty goals. Sonically it’s accessible as hell. “Lowkey Lovesong”, which features LA based emcee/singer Iman Europe, is a groovy two-step inducing slap about growing vulnerable in a romantic relationship. The Julia Lewis production develops into an infectious four on the floor groove that Raj uses to croon, “I just want to open up more, that’s something I’m working on”.

Appearing a few tracks later, “Neighborhood Dopeman” is a slow-burning key-led head nodder, not unlike D.R.A.M’s “Broccoli”. It finds Raj looking toward a future where he’s reached his dream of being rich, famous, and able to provide for his loved ones, while leaving behind those who could not keep up with his glow. It’s punctuated by a skit of Raj complaining to an imagined flight attendant about getting stuck in the middle seat despite his large physical stature. It’s just one of the many gems sprinkled through the album that display the Berkeley rapper’s sense of humor and personality.

Father Figure 2 features production from frequent Raj collaborators such as Julia Lewis, Mikos Da Gawd, Ian Mckee, Kyle Betty, and Mike Gao among a few others. It boasts guest features from G-Eazy, Russ, and Iman Europe. Rexx Life Raj has been on the come up as he sings on track 11, “The Otherside”. Father Figure 2: Flourish will likely see him ascend to the next stage. We’ve already seen him rubbing shoulders with hip-hop greats, Scott Storch and Pharrell. Only time will tell how much the artist born Faraji Wright will flourish.

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