Philthy Rich brings his neighborhood to the masses with “Sem God”

Philthy Rich - Sem GodFrom the streets of East Oakland’s Seminary neighborhood, one rapper has emerged who’s name resonates nationwide. Always representing for the Bay at home and abroad, Philthy Rich’s relentless hustle has given him a wide range of opportunities, spreading his music from hood to hood as he’s tapped in with bosses from every city, even reaching the upper echelons of rap moguls such as Rick Ross and Birdman. And through it all, he’s stayed true to his roots, not only pushing a hard line for his neighborhood but consistently reaching back out to help other aspiring artists from Oakland – as long as their work ethic can keep up with his own.

The Sem City Money Man has made the grind his signature, and over the years as his career has progressed, so has his sound. The braggadocio street raps have become more focused, the production has become more polished, and with singles like Right Now and Make A Living he’s been able to levitate from the streets to the airwaves, reaching a broader audience and slowly cracking through the ceiling of the underground into the mainstream.

But for all the success that has begun to manifest, it’s not enough. In recent months Philthy has spoken openly about stepping away from rap and setting his sights on other business ventures. Sem God may be one of his last albums, and the title speaks for itself – Philthy Rich has been one of Seminary’s most brightly shining achievements, and his commitment to always paying homage to the neighborhood that raised him has taken the Seminary name across the world.

We had a chance to talk to Philthy about the new album and his career. See what he had to say below.

Thizzler: What sets the Sem God album apart from your previous releases?

Philthy Rich: Every time I drop a new cd, it’s like having a new child which will help my legacy live on.

T: What does it mean to be the Sem God?

PR: Everybody from my hood is a Sem God – it’s not just bout me. I do this for us but ain’t too many niggas that did it like me and stayed solid.

T: What made you decide to announce your retirement from rap?

PR: I don’t look at it as retirement. I’m just doing something different. I didn’t always rap, so as of right now I want to switch up my hustle.

T: You’ve been at this for a minute, what’s been your greatest lesson?

PR: No matter how many people discourage you from your dreams, never take no for an answer. You can do whatever you put your mind to. I’m a prime example.

T: What do you want fans to know about Philthy Rich?

PR: I kept it all the way REAL.

You can listen to everything from Philthy Rich on Thizzler here. You can hear more about how Philthy Rich made Sem God here. You can follow Philthy Rich on Instagram at @PhilthyRichFOD. And you can download the Sem God album here. (Promoted)


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