Locksmith – Olive Branch (Album)

@DaLocksmith premieres his 2017 album, Olive Branch. We spoke with Locksmith in an interview right after he released his 2016 mixtape the Lock Sessions, and he explained he had been working on Olive Branch long before dropping the tape. Citing a transitioning head space, he felt the need to release The Lock Sessions prior to the album because Olive Branch was such a signifcant piece of work for him. He described the album as one of his most cohesive projects to date, and hopes old fans grow with him and new ones can easily get to know him when listening. Locksmith is one of the brightest and quickest spitters out the Bay right now and he most definitely finds his stride on Olive Branch. The album has an awesome amount of playability and Lock has a lot to offer lyrically as usual. Don’t sleep, go get Locksmith’s new album Olive Branch from iTunes or an autographed physical from his website!

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