SOB x RBE (Yhung T.O) – Blame Em (Music Video)

@YhungTO has no hard feelings on “Blame Em”. The highly anticipated video has been demanded by fans and dropped along with his debut album On My Momma. Selling out every solo show they’ve announced, including three San Francisco dates, garnering 100’s of 1000’s of views on every release within days, and getting recognition from super stars like Gucci Mane to Draymond Green, SOB x RBE is setting the Bay and beyond a blaze 2017. The video for Yhung T.O’s solo release “Blame Em” was shout out in Vallejo by BGiggz and the smiles on everyone’s faces are impossible to overlook. It’s awesome to see the young cats taking over and seeing such success. Here’s Yhung T.O’s video for “Blame Em”.


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