Project Poppa – Lady Lane (EP)

@Projectpoppa65 drops his EP “Lady Lane,” five songs from Project Poppa that are all a little different in sound, and all about making relationships work. This EP is personal, and relatable to anyone dating in today’s world. “The Beginning” and “Drunk and Driving,” both highlight he’s feelings about a special girl and possibly changing he’s ways to settle down and be in love. “Love and Sex,” the only track we see a feature on with 23. Project Poppa raps about putting it down in the bedroom, and breakin’ the bed. “Thuggin Baby,” has a early 2000’s hip-hop sound, with Project Poppa’s own flare and bay area roots. Finally, “Temptation,” goes a little darker, and more introspective as Project Poppa raps about the demise and downfall of a romance, but not his personal life, he makes that clear at the end. Slap this EP for yourself above, and you won’t be disappointed.


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