ALLBLACK ft. Shoreline Mafia – Road Run (Dir. Luis Montoya) (Music Video)

@22NDWAYS & @SHORELINEMAFIA call plays & go on a “Road Run”.  ALLBLACK links up with Shoreline Mafia from LA to drop a banger about making plays OT.  The video starts off with them sippin’ juice & dog water.  As the liquid concoctions got them feelin’ good they start speaking an alien P language & the song kicks in gear.

Shoreline Mafia’s Ohgeesy starts the road run by saying a prayer & does the same thing before he starts a skit.  Shoreline Mafia’s Fenix gets in the drivers seat next & lets em know that he’s out here mobbin & mackin’.

ALLBLACK is feelin’ the molly kickin in & talks about how the fake P’s are fuckin’ up the game.  ALLBLACK talks about how he prefers the clientele of his workers to be super rich 1 percent white collar workers, and talks about how shit has changed when he started winning. Shoreline Mafia’s Rob Vicious verse closes it out the track with that stick talk.

Press play & watch the video in the player up top.

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