Odie – Analogue (Album)

@odiexyz’s debut is a genre-fluid coming of age tale. On the 10-track offering, the 21 year old singer, producer, rapper and songwriter explores what it means to find yourself. He began putting in work on the debut when he was 18, so the angst, insecurity, emotional turmoil, and questions that a young person experiences between the developmental period between 18 and 21, color the many canvases Odie has put on display.

Odie who spent the first part of his life in Toronto before relocating to the Bay Area, is untied to any one genre or mood. The immediately grabbing “Northface” is a soulful ballad with woeful guitars, while “Little Lies” is atmospheric and gloomy, and “Faith” is an optimistic, high energy Afrobeat slap. Odie’s one of the most exciting up and comers making music in the Bay Area. Now that the product of his 3 years of labor is out in the world, we can only wait and see what all he accomplishes in the coming months and years!


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