Big Flexing Flashy looks to keep the memory of his fallen friend alive through his music

Life in the Bay Area can be beautiful, bright, and joyous. However life in the Bay for some is no joke. In fact, it can be a dangerous grind. Many relocate to cities beyond the Bay’s borders to seek solitude, opportunity and safety. Of course moving doesn’t always guarantee any of these things. In the case of Richmond rapper Money Magiic, a move to Vegas proved fruitful until his tragic death at the hand of gun violence in September of last year. The rising rapper had scored a string of successful collaborations with the likes of Mozzy, SOB x RBE, and Rayven Justice. The success that he was beginning to see inspired his friends’ faith in the process.

Big Flexing Flashy aims to keep Money Magiic’s name alive by continuing the momentum he initiated before his life ended in Vegas. I got a chance to chop it up with Big Flexing Flashy to discuss his new single “Big Flexing”, he and his squad’s dedication to perpetuating Money Magiic’s legacy, and their plans for the future. Read on below to get familiar. (Promoted)

Thizzler: How long you been doing music?

Big Flexing Flashy: I’ve been doing music for 6-7 years. I’m starting to take it serious right now. A few people was rapping around me. I used to look up to them when they were rapping. I used to just want to jump in the studio so bad. One day they had the little laptop, and I just jumped in the studio and started recording, writing and everything.

T: Who were you listening to when you first started recording?

BFF: It was really during the Hyphy Movement. The artists I was listening to was my brother and them. They was called the Clappa Squad from North Vallejo, College Park. They was rapping around me, so they influenced me to rap. That was during the Hyphy Movement, E-40 was goin’, Too Short’s “Blow The Whistle” was goin’. I started rapping when I was influenced by them.

T: You’re releasing a song called “Big Flexing” today. What can you tell me about it?

BFF: “Big Flexing” with Show Out, and King LC. We got our money up! We getting all this money, so we got to have the money counter on the floor, we spending money at the mall. We lost our brother last year he got shot in Las Vegas. We been in Magiic Mode all this year, trying to do something positive and let him know we’re living on through his name.

T: Tell me about who Money Magiic was.

BFF: He was just putting on, getting his buzz on. He had a song with SOB called “Regular”. He had a song with Mozzy called “23’s”. He had a song with Young Mezzy called “Whatchu Wanna do”. He was doing his shit, putting his foot in the game taking over. He put his foot in the door. He was in Vegas getting money. He was all over the place like his music was expanding. He died in September, somebody shot him. Ever since then we’ve been in Magiic Mode so his name could live through us. May he rest in peace.

T: What has life been like since losing your friend in September?

BFF: I ain’t gonna lie. It’s been ups and downs. It’s been tears, but we’ve been trying to hold all that back and just continue doing what he wants us to do and continue his legacy. You know, stay in Magiic Mode, stay in grind mode. When we say “Magiic Mode”, that means we’re in grind mode. We’re hustling. We’re getting it in. We’re trying to touch 100K. We’re trying to touch 100 million! You know what I’m saying? We’re putting on!

T: What do expect “Big Flexing” to do for you?

BFF: We trying make sure it touches a million views on your channel. We trying to get people slapping our song. We trying to get recognition in the club. It’s a hot Summer song that everybody can relate to “Big Flexing”. You getting money? You spending money? You eating good? You traveling good? You living the good life! You taking care of your family? That means you’re “Big Flexing”.

T: What was the process writing “Big Flexing”?

BFF: We went to our studio in Vacaville. The producer, MookMadeIt sent us the beat and we recorded it! It’s the first single from our Magiic Mode mixtape!

T: When is Magiic Mode dropping?

BFF: We going to drop that like July because Magiic’s birthday is in July. We’re going to be throwing a Cancer-bash for his b-day. I’m also a Cancer myself. So we’re trying to drop that Magiic Mode mixtape around mid-July. “Big Flexing” should have a solid buzz by then. We’re hitting the clubs and talk to a few DJ’s to have our record spinned in the club. [The mixtape] will have me, King LC, ShowOut, Young Scooty and MoneyStar Mac. We have a few people featured on the mixtape.

T: What are your hopes for the Magiic Mode mixtape?

BFF: Our hopes are for it to shoot up to the stars. We just want to make sure that we live up to his name and get the recognition that we need. It’s a lot of artists our here that don’t get the recognition that they need. Everybody tells their story, but we got some different stories out here. We’re trying to tell a different story on this Magiic Mode mixtape. We took chances. We took losses. What’s next? We need wins right now! We hit rock bottom. The only way left to go is up.

T: What’s next after Magiic Mode? Any artists you want to collab with?

BFF: After this “Big Flexing” gets a bigger buzz, we’re going to have Peezy from Detroit, come through to remix it. I want to do a song with E-40, and Philthy! I want to do songs with a lot of artists out here. I can’t name everybody, but E-40, and Philthy. It’s only legends. I want to do a song with Snoop Dogg! I love the Bay Area, but I want to reach out to a different crowd. I want to expand.

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