5 Songs from 2017 that still Slap!

2017 was a great year for Bay Area music. We saw Vallejo’s SOB x RBE release its debut full length effort, Philthy Rich touch radio with his Ziggy penned hit “Right Now”, P-Lo step out as HBK’s next most valuable player, and more. As 2018 passes we’re keeping our eyes and ears open for what will be the year’s biggest standout records. As we wait for new slaps to roll out, we can’t but help look back at the last year and assess the records that we’ve still got in heavy rotation. 5 Songs from 2017 that still Slap takes a look at those records. Read on below to see what 5 songs we’re still blasting on the regular!

ALLBLACK – Canadian Goose (Prod. FeezyDisABangah)

ALLBLACK has had an impressive run since the release of his 2017 EP KIMSON. The star making effort’s most recognizable record is the FeezyDisABangah produced “Canadian Goose”. On the standout single, ALLBLACK offers his unique perspective as an Oakland pimp and shares challenges of the trade. Though his experience is rather specific, listeners would be hard pressed to avoid shouting out the record’s many pimp-isms and quotables such as “all my bitches got on cleats/they don’t trap in heels” and “quick to free that bitch before Christmas/I’m so fucking childish”. It’s the record’s trunk rattling production, ALLBLACK’s penchant for making the exotic relatable, and his good ass rapping that make “Canadian Goose” relevant in 2018 as the Oakland rapper’s star continues to ascend.

KiingRod ft. Benny & Mike Sherm – Knockdown (Prod. AntBeatz)

In 2017 KiingRod was the most productive SOB x RBE affiliate not named Lil Sheik. The record that contributed most to this distinction was a collaboration with North Vallejo’s Benny and Antioch’s Mike Sherm called “Knockdown”. The AntBeatz produced record embodies the youthful energy coming out of Vallejo and fed fans who were eager for anything SOB x RBE, or close to it. While Benny’s chorus has pop-level replay value, don’t be fooled by its ear wormy quality. The record is a threat to anyone who might consider approaching them with conflict. Benny sings about cold blooded murder as casually as Drake sings about his distrust of…just about everyone.

Mozzy – Sleep Walkin

Mozzy’s long awaited 1 Up Top Ahk was the album that solidified his place in the national hip-hop conversation. Stand out single “Sleep Walkin” and the ensuing Sleep Walking Challenge, helped to propel the reach of the album. The emotive Jay P Bangz produced release finds Mozzy doing what he’s always done amazingly. That is, presenting vivid reflections of his past and the life he escaped while expressing gratefulness for the future he’s created. Enough can’t be said about the perfect marriage of Mozzy’s heavy, evocative lyrics and Jay P Bangz’ brooding beat which makes use of an acoustic guitar lead and a RobLo-esque flip of a vocal sample.

Lil Pete – In This Life (Prod. Eli Beatz)

Lil Pete’s numbers make him one of the Bay’s biggest talents. He’s yet to receive much media coverage, but that’s probably going to change soon. His 2017 single “In This Life” has garnered more than 6.5 million views since its August release. The Eli Beatz produced slap is a triumphant flex about escaping poverty as well as the inevitabilities of life in the streets of his San Francisco neighborhood. On “In This Life” he vows to wake up everyday and chase a check and carry a weapon to defend against those who may wish harm on him and his loved ones.

Elujay – Golden (Prod. Julia Lewis, Kev Choice & Chris McClenney)

Elujay released the future-funk goodness that is “Golden” at the top of 2017. It wasn’t until March of this year that he blessed us with a video for the impressive single. “Golden” is the product of a collaboration between Elujay and producers and instrumentalists Julia Lewis, Kev Choice, and Chris McClenney. The production creates a trippy world that is equal parts Jazz, funk, and electronic as Elujay sings about encountering a pretty brown girl with whom he shares interests. He cleverly likens her skin to an ocean of what one can only assume is his party beverage of choice. It’s a record that isn’t very complicated in it’s messaging. It simply feels really good to listen to.

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