From homeless to hitmaker, Benny emerges from the concrete jungle of Vallejo with Dangerous

“I’m not gonna be a thug rapper for the rest of my life. I know my music’s gonna pay off,” Benny says. Three and half weeks ago, Thizzler was proud to present the debut album from the Vallejo native, Dangerous, along with a documentary of the same name. The release is important because in addition to marking the beginning of what we believe will be a long and influential career in music, it also signified a life changing decision for the promising Vallejo native.

As Benny tells it, just last year he was living in his car after getting kicked out of his mom’s house. Defiant and eager to prove that he could make it on his own, Benny and his Us4 crew trapped out of the whip to make ends meet. But after the success of his smash single “What Time It Is“, he realized the potential of his music and shifted his focus, putting everything into perfecting his craft in the studio.

Many of us know the anxiety of seeing our favorite artists risk it all in the name of authenticity. I mean the ones who find success in music but still go to the same blocks and make the same mistakes they made before getting fans. Especially with the recent high profile losses of rising talents in the national rap community and even locally (RIP Lil Buzz), the stakes are high. But on Dangerous, Benny calmly and accurately talks about the risks he’s taken and let’s us know that he’s working on his exit strategy. Music is the vehicle he’ll use to make his getaway.

Though his youthful recklessness can be heard in lyrics and seen on social media videos, Benny also has a more thoughtful side. His eyes are focused on achieving a dream he’s had since he was a kid, and he’s going to prove to his mother, to his friends, and most importantly to himself that his risks weren’t for nothing.

Today, Benny lets go of the Bui shot visual for his OMB Peezy assisted single “Lately”. The deceptively catchy record finds them reflecting on less fortunate days when the future seemed less certain. Luckily, Benny found music. We’re lucky to be here to witness the journey.

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