The 5 Hottest Slaps from Artists You Don’t Know Yet

“Who’s this?!?” the question always asked when you put your homies on to some new music from an artist they don’t know about yet.  With this list we’re going to highlight 5 songs that have the streets buzzing from artists that aren’t very well known yet.  You won’t find any artist on this list that has a video with 1 million viewers. This is quite possibly a sneak peek into what could very well be the next wave of artists that are ready to set the Bay on fire.

5. Ice – MOH

The Oakdale rapper brings a violent energy that could only come from a place as dangerous as Hunter’s Point.  Ice raps over slain Detroit rapper Dex Osama’s classic “Death On Me” & delivers bars that would make Dex respect it.  The San Francisco rapper is ready for all of the smoke like a cancer patient on this track.  When listening to Ice you get a raw sense of life in the projects of San Francisco, and that even though a lot of the city has been gentrified, it can still be very dangerous in the Bayview district.  Ice delivers his bars with an unmatched ferocity, which is why he’s one of the Bay’s more promising rising rappers.

4. Bankrol Hayden – 29

Bankrol Hayden is the most quickly rising artist on this list.  In the video “29”, Bankrol talks about how he recently almost died in a car accident.  The video has clips, newspaper headlines & pictures of him in the ICU fighting for his life.  He shares his perspective of everything he’s had to endure during the aftermath of the accident. This includes having to overcome the doubters as well as healing from severe injuries.  Hayden is set to prove all of his doubters wrong.  His delivery & wordplay along with his relatable and tragic story has made fans want more.  It feels like he just keeps getting bigger, and we can’t wait to hear new music from Bankrol Hayden.

3. BabyLoaf – Yo Bitch Mobbin

BabyLoaf first made waves when their freestyle over the beat for Silkk The Shocker’s “We Like Dem Girls” went semi-viral on social media.  What caught everyone’s attention including mines is the strong voice that’s singing the hook.  That paired with lyrical content fit for a player, and the fact that it’s on a beat that’s been known to get Bay Area function’s lit as has been seen with Lil Blood’s street classic “3rd World” and Lil B’s 2010 freestyle, “Bitch Mob Anthem”.  We would like to see & hear more from BabyLoaf especially if they can keep making party knocks like this.

2. Rockin’ Rolla ft. MoneyBagz Buzz – OverKill

Rockin Rolla & MoneyBagz Buzz have collaborated a ton with Richmond’s CashClick Boog but set out on their own in a big way on “OverKill”.  The video is set in West Oakland’s notorious Campbell Village projects where one of their lookouts finds an opportunity to set up an opp. “OverKill” is produced by Smacks who also produced Boog’s breakout hit “Gang In Here” & Prezi’s smash “Do Better”.  Rockin Rolla flexes his wordplay and tells a tale of murder, money and mayhem, while MoneyBagz Buzz delivers a taunting hook.  If Rockin Rolla can keep churning out songs like this, he’ll quickly become a household name in the Bay and beyond for the street audience.

1. C0LD GAME – Like Sleeze

C0LD GAME is fresh out from doing a bid & has come back home to set the Bay rap scene on fire.  Feezydisabangah produced this banger “Like Sleeze”. Feezy has been slowly gaining a reputation of kickstarting local artists careers with his fire production.  He produced both Lil Slugg’s “Shit Changed” & ALLBLACK’s “Canadian Goose”, arguably both artists’ most popular records.  C0LD GAME comes on the track with an undeniable street swagger that gives you no choice but to run the track back.  C0LD GAME has dropped other records that have gained traction but with “Like Sleeze”, and a co-sign from Drakeo The Ruler, he’s got our full attention.

Honorable Mention

Zayel ft. Bossland Chris & Prince Dreada – Where My Enemies At?

Zayel was recently released from a doing a bid in the Feds & is working hard to get back into the mix of the Northern California rap scene.  He’s been seen under the wing of CML (Lavish D) & DNI Mike who have been helping him get on track with the music along with their younger protege Bossland Chris.  “Where My Enemies At?” starts off strong with an infectious hook that’s followed by Zayel’s verse on which he’s pulling the cards of everyone who’s been talking down on his crew.  Bossland Chris, provides some youthful energy to this track, as he’s sandwiched between two older emcees. He ensures that his presence stands out.  Prince Dreada gives us some bars that sound reminiscent of the times in East Oakland when Burger was screaming “get Active!”


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