Lil B lifts the Based God curse from James Harden!


James Harden was one of the many victims of the infamous Lil B basketball curse.  We’re gonna run down the time line of events that led up to James Harden receiving the curse to how it got lifted.

During the 2015 NBA season James Harden was challenging Steph Curry for the MVP title & dropped 30 points per game that year while doing so. When he would make a big play in the game he would celebrate by doing the “cooking” dance, which Lil B is responsible for creating and popularizing.  Lil B let it be known that if James Harden didn’t acknowledge the fact that he was doing the “cooking” dance then he would in fact be cursed.  Which prompted Bleacher Report to ask James about the Lil B cooking dance.  James response left the Based God angered.

Lil B caught James Harden in a lie by digging up old tweets about slapping the Berkeley rapper’s music four years prior to this fiasco.

After all of this Lil B decided to show no mercy & gave James Harden “The Curse”.  The effects of which were on full display in Game 5 of the 2015 Western Conference Finals.  Lil B had sideline seats where he witnessed James Harden have a playoff record of 13 turnovers in a single game.

During the following season, the Houston Rockets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Warriors, again.  James Harden was once more a runner up for MVP behind Steph Curry during that year. Lil B of course could not pass up teasing the Houston Rocket on Twitter about not being able to shake the curse.

Fast forward to 2017-2018 season where the Houston Rockets & the Golden State Warriors met again in the Western Conference Finals.  James Harden & the Rockets were up 3-2 & one half away from eliminating the juggernaut Warriors team from the playoffs, which impressed the Based God enough for him to tweet this.

The Rockets’ efforts were valiant but they ended up being thwarted after they shot an underwhelming 0-27 in the second half of Game 7  from 3 point range, which left Rockets fans wondering when the Based God would show mercy upon their superstar.


Big Houston Rockets fan J Prince Jr, the son of Houston Hip-Hop mogul J Prince, was willing to take matters into his own hands & met up with the Based God to get him to officially end the curse.  We have footage of the Based God lifting the infamous curse courtesy of J Prince Jr.

James Harden could’ve avoided all of this hardship if he had just admitted that he got the dance from Lil B.




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