Jack Rox brings Rappin 4-Tay and a retired Roach Gigz along for his new single “Run It”

Jack Rox is straight out of San Bruno, CA and has been rapping for more than 11 years. Though currently he works as a plumber, he intends to make 2018 the year that changes everything for him. That begins today with the release of his new single “Run It”, a Jonathan Moe produced cut that finds the Rox teaming up with Roach Gigz, Rappin 4-Tay with the help of Miss Vicky. They’re focused on securing the bag and having a good time. I got a chance to speak with him about how he was able to connect with Roach Gigz and Rappin 4-Tay for this new record and how he planned to make 2018 the beginning of the rest of his life. (Promoted)

Thizzler: Who is Jack Rox?

Jack Rox: Jack Rox is a rapper slash alternative music artist from San Bruno, CA. He’s worked with people like Berner, Lil Yee, obviously Roach Gigz, Rappin 4-Tay, San Quinn, Equipto, HBK Gang, everybody from the Bay. I’m 28 now, and have been at it since I was about 17 on and off, and just really going after it right now. I’m really starting to make shit happen.

T: What’s different now than any other point in your 11 year career?

JR: I was really immature as far as this rap shit. I took a 3 year break when I was 25 I basically retired because some really bad shit happened where I almost beat the shit out of my videographer. I just got really drunk and it was a really low point in my life. I retired, but I had all these features still locked in. I talked to Berner and he was still down. I ended up linking with Lil Yee. That’s basically what brought me back. I recorded a song called “Amazing” with Berner and Lil Yee. That’s what we’re building up to. In September, we’re hoping “Amazing” will be a major factor in the Bay Area.

T: How did you all connect?

JR: I went to the studio and my buddy linked me with Lill Yee, and his manager happened to be Boo Banga, and I go way back to like 2007 with Boo Banga, in the streets and in the studio. We recorded at the same studio. So once we seen him there, it was all love. Yee laid the hook down, and since then we’ve just been talking a lot. We brought Berner out and shot the music video. He was really hyped to do a song with Lil Yee because they’re homies, but haven’t linked to do music yet. So I have the first song with Lil Yee and Berner on it.

T: Why not just jump out the gate with “Amazing” if it’s such a great record?

JR: We were going to release that first, but I was advised by “professionals” to not drop that first, because I’m basically a no-name artist. They suggested I get my buzz up in August and come back to see them in September.

T: I see. So “Run It” with Roach Gigz, Rappin 4-Tay and Miss Vicky is a part of that effort. How did that record come together?

JR: That record is a long story. I’ll try to shorten it for you. My old group The Great Whites, that’s what we went by when we were young. We were under the umbrella of Rappin 4-Tay for a while. For about a year we were doing shows with him, traveling state to state, did maybe 10-songs with him. At the time he hit me up and said we should get Gigz on a song. This is when Gigz was really hot, and really poppin’. I said yeah, hit him up. He said he didn’t have time, but was like “here’s my email address and my password, you hit him right now and say it’s me. Tell him ‘Hey nephew do a song for me and my young homies'”. Roach replied “alright OG”, laid the verse and sent it back. That was about 5 years ago, but that verse is still relevant.

T: What made you decide to drop a record from so long ago?

JR: My verse is current. We made the beat around Gigz’ and 4-Tay’s verses. It sounded so good that we wanted to make it a bigger song.  We knew this upcoming singer Miss Vicky who got a hook ready. We mixed and mastered it, and it ended up sounding really good. And like I said, those “professionals” advised we drop 3 to 5 songs in August, so we decided this could be a good first one and get Roach Gigz out of retirement.

T: What is Roach Gigz up to these days?

JR: He’s graduated college, taking care of his kid and living his life. He’s a teacher now. You can’t ask for anything better than that. That’s a good life switch right there. You can’t ask for anything better than that. I reached out to him. I didn’t want to put out an old verse without touching base with him. He likes the song, but let me know, “I’m not at that point in my life right now, so I won’t be able to jump on social media to push it”, he hasn’t been on social media in over a year.

T: What album is “Run It” going to be on?

JR: It’s an album called Treading Water, which I’ve been working on for years. The name’s never changed, but the songs change every couple of months. Right now we’re on a streak where we know every song is going on there. Probably about 100 songs have been recorded for Treading Water, but we’re cutting it down to 15.

T: What’s been your process for selecting songs?

JR: Well basically, we’ve tried to use all the features we’ve acquired over the last couple of years. That’s why we’re using this Roach Gigz and 4-Tay song. We turn old stuff into new stuff. We remake beats. Make things sound relevant.

T: What’s next after the release of Treading Water?

JR: Our style changes every month. As I said, I’m a rapper as well as an alternative artist. We got real big music on the way. Our biggest hit is going to be a song called “Beach Boys” and there’s no rap on it. But we’re trying to get ourselves established before we can release that stuff because we don’t want it to fall on deaf ears. Treading Water ideally releases at the end of this year, but will probably come the beginning of next year. We want to have a big buzz by then.

T: What do you want to communicate to your fans and potential fans who will be listening?

JR: Jack Rox is just a regular dude. He’s a local 38 plumber that used to be a drug dealer. He’s a proud father. But he’s one of the dopest and underrated rappers and artists in the Bay Area. By the end of this year he will have a gigantic buzz, and will be poppin’, and will be relevant. It doesn’t matter what it is right now. It’s about what it will be.

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