Daghe x Dee Dot Jones – CULTVIBES (Mixtape)

@Daghe and @DeeDotJones let go of their anticipated collab project CULTVIBES. The project runs 17 tracks long and explores today’s trap sound as well as the regional party music popularized by HBK in the early 2010’s. Daghe’s production makes for the perfect environment for Dee Dot Jones to deliver bars about flipping quarter pounds, and turning up with his homies. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, these two are bringing that Hyphy energy back to the game. The only two drawbacks from CULTVIBES are that 17 tracks feels a bit long, and at times Dee Dot’s inflections and cadences are indistinguishable from P-Lo’s.

But in today’s streaming age it’s safer to give fans a ton of music at once to sift through and find what they like. As for the P-Lo comparisons, Dee Dot likely can’t help his voice, or his influences. P-Lo’s been making influential music in the region for the better part of a decade. It’s not surprising that the sound he’s helped create has found it’s way into younger acts. Check out CULTVIBES if you want to get a little bit of that old thing back, along with a lot of new.

Get CULTVIBES everywhere here.


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