Jane Handcock – Where’s Jane? Series 1 (EP)

@HandcockJay’s 4 track EP Where’s Jane? Series 1 is a project you’ll be glad you’ve heard. The singer, songwriter, and emcee delivers a really smooth effort that covers a lot of ground in short time. On the catchy intro track, Jane glides over a rather musical trap production while she promises to keep it real before diving into the jazzy “Heyyy”, that plays like a confessional and vulnerable text to guy she knows is bad for her, but that she can’t let go. She turns it up on “Function”, a record that has a fitting title. “Who Dis?” is the perfect closer, a record about transformation. Jane is ready to watch her career ascend, and she’s putting out quality music to make it happen. If you’re like me, you may have been sleeping on Jane. Let Where’s Jane? Series 1 change that for you.


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