KR Mack – Like Pablo (Album)

@KRMackGas drops a new album titled Like Pablo.  KR Mack gives us 10 tracks where he talks about how he’s been getting his grind on & to get his shine.  The Pittsburg rapper gives us a dose of reality rap & gives a shoutout to the OG Bay Rappers who kept it solid.  Like Pablo has features from Skeeteam Deuce, PZ, SB, Thizz, Boss Hogg, Skeeteam Kayta, Killa Cam & TriggahMike.  Here’s the tracklist below:

  1. Ohhh ft. Skeeteam Deuce & PZ
  2. MAC DRE ft. Boss Hogg & Skeeteam Kayta
  3. Cry Nomo
  4. Story To Tell
  5. Danger Zone ft. Killa Cam
  6. Solid
  7. Calling Me Back ft. BKilled
  8. Clean Dirt ft. TriggahMike & SB
  9. All We Do ft. Thizz
  10. Shoes Laced

You can buy & check this album out on iTunes here!

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