The Best Thizzler Interviews of 2018 so far!


We speak a ton of rappers. Not only are they talented, but sometimes they have really great stories to tell. We’ve put together a short list of the best interviews we’ve had in 2018 so far. Check them out!

We’ll kick it off with Dubee! This was one of the first public appearances Dubee made since his long stint in prison resulting from the infamous raid on Thizz Ent. He spoke openly about Mac Dre and the operation that got him locked up. It wasn’t until his 2nd appearance on That’s My Word, that he explicitly named names.

CML (Lavish D)

It was a long time coming, but CML finally stopped by Thizzler and chopped it up with us about how he felt blackballed, his beefs with Sacramento artists, “Speak My Mind” and more.

Philthy Rich

Philthy congratulated CML on having a good show in Oakland, a surprising move considering their tumultuous history.

Stunna Girl

Stunna Girl stopped by to talk about blowing up off of a diss record, and gave us a new term: “Get Money Bitch”.


This was a big one. Hus dropped his first album in years in 2018! This was also the first time we got to speak to him about losing The Jacka.

Lil Slugg & Lula

Lil Slugg has been in the news a lot. This joint interview with Slugg and Lula drew some attention for their quirkiness and the…sex tape?

Noni Blanco

Noni, one of Sacramento’s hardest emcees, was kind enough to share how her beef with Stunna Girl began. She also told us about how she got in trouble for singing Lil Kim lyrics as a child!

Lil Debbie

Take it from Debbie, it isn’t so strange to puke on stage when the performance is really lit!

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