Yhung T.O. leaving SOB x RBE after Gangin 2 album?

Yhung T.O. announced on Instagram that Gangin 2 will be his last album with the group.  In his own words he explained:

“To Whom It may concern… No We Not Fonkin We just on different Terms, Crazy How You make money and Create a New Life wit Niggas you call brother and in the End they still disloyal 😑 People tell me “ SOB X RBE is the BIGGEST thing, You never gone be as BIG without out, What about the money ?? How u gone feed yo family without SOB X RBE” So what I’m posed to do go against the grain and everything i believe in fa money ?? Never I will never sell my soul, You can’t buy a real nigga , And Hey even If i don’t be as BIG without it at least I could look myself n the mirror everyday and know I’m Still a Solid Nigga to the Core 2️⃣💯 Sumtimes No matter how hard you try to keep shit together sometimes shit just be destined 💔 Who knows what the future a bring tho 🤷🏽‍♂️ @_daboii_ Always Love You Bro Demon 👹 and Mufasa 🦁 Forever ❤️…. And Just for you Dumb MFs It ain’t got shit to do wit Money it’s bout Respect #TuTuLand“. 

This revelation comes days after they announced the release date for their sophomore album Gangin 2.  It may be a surprise to many fans but there have been whispers that there may have been internal conflict, and it came to a head last night.  Slimmy B posted a video with someone addressing the disses being thrown at SOB, but during his rant he casually throws shots RBE, the other half of the group led by Yhung T.O.

Fans who’ve been paying attention may have notice that in the recent SOB x RBE disses from Trill Youngins, the Oakland group doesn’t diss Slimmy B & leaves him off of the artwork.  Slimmy has yet to publicly respond to T.O.’s announcement.  Da Boii seemed to react to the announcement with an Instagram story post that read, “Miss da gang, neva ah b da same“.  It leaves one to wonder what it means for the future of the group and their upcoming international tour.

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