K.E – CLK Way (Album)

San Francisco’s @corkolandcrazy drops a new album titled “CLK Way”.  K.E gives us 10 tracks which features his hit “CLK” & has features from Lil Spunkz and Yatta.  The Sunnydale rapper gives us his stories about life in the streets in one of SF’s roughest neighborhoods.  The San Francisco’s rapper’s unique style really stands out in this project.  K.E.’s style is unique in the sense that he doesn’t rhyme with a typical offbeat cadence that most West Coast artists use, instead he uses his words to mesh well with the beat while telling a story with it similar to what trap rappers from the South like Future, Kodak Black or Young Thug rhyme when they first came on the scene but K.E. has carved out his own signature style to complement his more bouncer Bay Area tempo beat selection.  It’s a unique way of rapping because it hasn’t really been done the way K.E. does it & it’s a style that is creeping up in popularity for other artists to pick from. You can purchase & download this album on iTunes now!


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