Yung Lott ft. Mozzy, Larry June, Stevie Joe and E-Bang – What’z Real (Remix) (Exclusive)

Yung Lott gets Mozzy, Larry June, Stevie Joe & E-Bang to drop the remix for “What’z Real”.  Yung Lott says that it’s up to him to speak that real because they don’t feel the real until it dies.  Stevie Joe says that it ain’t no love in the streets & it could be your own mans that’ll do you in.  Larry June said that if a chick with him then you it’s a bet she’s gonna go.  E-Bang says if everybody gang gangin’ who can he call when in a jam.  Mozzy said that his young life can off you in the hood & says that it’s normal in the hood.  Check this track out in the player above.

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