Anerae VeShaughn aka X-Raided – The Execution Of X-Raided (Album)

@OfficialXRaided about to set the streets ablaze with his brand new album The Execution of X-Raided. The legendary Sacramento lyricist Anerae VeShaughn aka X-Raided is finally enjoying freedom after spending the past 26 years incarcerated for his role in a homicide back in 1992, and is ready to get back to work doing what he does best….Spittin’ venom and telling us gritty and gory war stories, while also giving us an intospective look at the inner struggles he faces everyday. After being released on September 14th, X wasted no time getting back to work by delivering the smash single “California Dreamin’ ” merely 2 weeks later. Needless to say the single was well received as it has garnered over 750,000 views in only a month and half, and now X is ready to hit us with his first full album from the other side of the walls! The Execution Of X-Raided features 20 fierce cuts, including “California Dreamin” as well as collaborations with Yogi Calhoon, Loki, The Bird, Sanai, Bleezo, and more. What more needs to be said? X is home after 26 years and making music! Let that sink in while you hit that itunes link to purchase your copy of Anerae VeShaugn aka X-Raided’s The Execution Of X-Raided now!

X-Raided – The Execution Of X-Raided (Album)


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