DaBoii – Neva Lookin Back (Album)

@DaBoii__ is back with his sophomore album Neva Lookin Back. The new album puts DaBoii’s paranoid outlook on full display as well as the growth his flow and lyricism have experienced since the release of his solo debut YWN. In the past year SOB x RBE has reached levels of success that the 4 Vallejo kids likely never imagined. But more money, more problems as they say. The crew almost experienced a break up earlier this year prior to the release of their Gangin II album, were subject to some lyrical shots sent by Oakland rap crew Trill Youngins, and group member Yhung T.O was even involved in a shooting, from which he luckily walked away untouched. All this while the crew is mourning the loss of a close and dear friend.

With all this in mind it’s no question why he has such vitriolic bars for his enemies on Neva Lookin Back. DaBoii knows that he and his crew are at the top of their game and nothing can take that away. Their detractors can throw shots, but it doesn’t change the fact. That’s why his shit talking is sharp as ever. Another common theme on the 14-track album is paranoia. More than ever DaBoii is wary of those around him. He questions their loyalty and intentions. He understands that the ones we love the most, hold the most power to hurt us. He wrestles with this fact throughout the album.

Neva Lookin’ Back features production from LinkUp, PartsUnknown, and Lil Rece amongst others. It solidifies DaBoii as one of the Bay’s premiere emcees carves out its own lane among the rest of the solo releases from SOB x RBE members. Check out the new release above and make sure to find it on your streaming platform of choice at the link below.

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