Haiti Babii brings star power to the streets of Stockton with “Welcome 2 Da 9”

Stockton rapper Haiti Babii has finally released his undeniable classic West Coast hip-hop inspired album Welcome 2 Da 9. Bolstered by banging singles “Fuh Nuc” and “Period”, the new album finds Haiti Babii displaying his chameleon like ability to try on different styles. Though the 21 year-old is pretty new to rap, he’s quickly become one of Northern California’s most exciting up and comers. His uncapped personality, fluidly freestyled records, and his commitment studying the greats before him, have made him a favorite.

We had a chance to tap in with Haiti about the creation of the new album, growing up in Stockton, and what he expects is coming next.

Thizzler: Where are you from?

Haiti Babii: [I was] born in Oakland, California, and raised in Stockton!

T: How was your upbringing?

H: [I] Grew up in a family oriented environment. My mom did entertainment & My step-Pa did sports with me

T: How long ago did you start making music, and how?

H: I been rapping for a year, and 4 months ago is when I realized this was my true calling

T: How would you describe your musical style?

H: [I make] melodic street Gospel. [I’m a] griot of the streets.

T: Tell me about your new album Welcome 2 Da 9?

H: Welcome 2 Da 9 represents my alter ego, aka The Warrior aka Murder Mook.

T: How has growing up in Stockton impacted the way you navigate the music industry?

H: The tough love my city gave me, made me the man I am today.

T: What do you want Welcome 2 Da 9 to do for your career?

H: It’s only the beginning of my superstar legacy.

T: What’s next for Haiti Babii?

H: Whatever God has to offer

T: What do you want to say to your fans?

H: I love y’all, and thank you for letting me “Change your llife”!

Check out everything from Haiti Babii right here on Thizzler. Get Welcome 2 Da 9 everywhere here. You can follow Haiti Babii on Instagram at @Haiti_Babii


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