Give The Producer Some Pt. IV

It’s about time to run it back! Give The Producer Some is our recurring segment that shows some appreciation to the artists that create the soundscape for the music we love. The producers lay down the ground work and the foundation for our favorite artists to come in and shine. The men and women behind the keys and DAWS don’t get enough credit. We hope to change that little by little with Give The Producer Some. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments and who you’d like to see in the next round!


Link Up is definitely one of the producers I’m really excited to hear more from. Link Up’s production has hard hitting bass with a clean crisp sound, his sound is reminiscent of the classic Bay Area mobb sound but more modern. He’s made hits for DaBoii with “Onna Gang”, CML “Funkin Wit Me”, JT The 4th’s “Ball”, Kamiayah “Dope Chick” & many more. His sound has got him in high demand & has got him placements with local artists Kamaiyah, Mike Sherm, JT The 4th, CML, SOB x RBE’s DaBoii, YID, Trill Youngins & more. We’ll be on the lookout for more LinkUpOnProduction slaps in 2019!

Strew B

Strew B is an interesting case, when we were coming up with this list of producers we feel deserve more shine, Strew B definitely stood out for his body of work. We found out that Strew B is actually a German native that created his sound to fit the Northern California scene. Strew B doesn’t stray away from the fact that he makes these beats with Northern California artists in mind. He’s been responsible for hits from MBNel, SOB x RBE, Jayy Hitta, Lil Slugg, $tupid Young, & C0LD GAME but it’s work with Lil Pete on his latest album 4Ever Focused with the hits “Gang Wit Me” & “Big Dawg Shit” that really shows why the popular YouTube producer is a factor in the region. Strew B being a producer from overseas that makes music for the region just shows how strong the Northern California influence is worldwide. Northern California is global!


DigiWan is another producer I’m excited to hear more from, coming out of Stockton, CA the breakout hit for DigiWan was CML’s “Speak My Mind (What Else)”. The song was not only a breakout hit for DigiWan but was also the hit that helped break out CML. These two have good chemistry as they’ve made another hit with “Huh?”. Even though “Speak My Mind” was his breakout DigiWan has been working hard for a long time now as he has also done with J. Stalin, Mike Sherm, Salsalino & more. What stands out in DigiWan’s production is the bounciness of it, when you hear it, it just makes you want to vibe to it. It’ll be interesting to see who he ends up working with next.

Parts Unknown

Most Northern California listeners first heard a Parts Unknown beat the first time SOB x RBE first started flooding the Northern California streets with their wave. Parts Unknown was part of the reason for the flood with the hits “Calvin Cambridge”, “Endzone”, “Juice”, “Game On”, “Y.W.N.”, “Reckless”. He has also worked with Young Da, Qing Qi & Girlz N Tha Hood. Parts Unknown produced “So Wassup”, the group’s standout hit from their album All 4 Nia. His sound definitely has old school vibes to it, but when combined with the young energy of SOB x RBE or Girlz N Da Hood it comes out dope.

Jay GP Bangz

Jay GP Bangz has some of the biggest hits to come out the region recently. His breakout track “Sleep Walkin” with Mozzy made it to the big screen for Marvel’s Black Panther. Jay GP Bangz has also done work with SOB x RBE, Nef The Pharaoh, Lil Yee, Iceeapher, Lil Blood, Aflacko, YID & many more. Jay GP Bangz signature is definitely his soulful synths backed up by hard hitting funky bass lines. His latest produced slap “Bass Rock” by Mozzy & Messy Marv had the internet going nuts when they held a #BassRockChallenge with a $1,500 reward. His sound definitely has him as one of the most sought after producers on the whole West Coast.

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