Philthy Rich & CML (Lavish D) squashed their beef after 10+ years. Here’s the full history

(UPDATE: CML & Philthy Rich dropped an album together. Slap it here.)

Anyone who’s a fan of Northern California rap knows that Philthy Rich & CML (Lavish D) have been funkin’ for a while now – as a matter of fact, over 10 years worth of funk. It’s a beef that has redefined the politics of Northern California rap, and has affected many notable rap careers, both positively and negatively. But as you might’ve seen on social media this past week, they’ve put the beef behind them & announced they no longer have problems. Not only that, they recorded a few songs together and the two even performed in Oakland for Mistah F.A.B.’s birthday celebration, publicly proving that the beef is really over for any remaining doubters. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the situation, from how it started to why it matters, so for everyone that’s wondering how they got to this point, we’ll start at the beginning with a timeline of what went down.

[For the record, we generally do not support diss records of any kind, partly because of this beef, but since this beef in particular has played a significant part in shaping the Northern California music scene of the past few years and it’s something that many people thought would never come to an end, we feel it’s important as one of the curators of Northern California rap history to address it and give the fans some context to fully understand why it’s a big moment that it’s over.

We aren’t on any side but are all for beef squashing. Even though disses have been a part of hip-hop since the beginning, in Northern California they can definitely get out of hand, which nobody wants. We’ve done our best to document everything that happened from a neutral standpoint. And while we’ve tried to catch the main events that happened, it’s impossible to catch every detail, especially since some videos and songs have been deleted from YouTube. – Em Dub]

According to Philthy Rich, he came home from jail in 2008 to the beef. The original beef was between his labelmate Shady Nate & Lavish D, who got into it for personal reasons. Philthy Rich rides with Shady Nate & the beef becomes Livewire vs. Lavish D (2008)

Lavish D sends shots directed at Livewire in a song & video that have since been deleted from YouTube (Feb. 2011)

Philthy Rich & Shady Nate respond to the diss track with “Fuck Lavish D” (Sept. 2011)

Lavish D responds to Livewire in a video titled “J Stalin Chain” (Oct. 2011)

Shady Nate makes fun of Lavish D with a fake caricature on “Dem Jets” (Nov 2011)

Lavish D speaks about Oakland rappers, Kurt Diggler & Philthy Rich in an interview (June 2013)

Philthy Rich throws subliminals & films “Internet Thugs” in Sacramento (June 2013)

Lavish D responds to “Internet Thugs” with a freestyle over Webbie’s “What’s Happening” instrumental (June 2013)

Philthy Rich links with Kurt Diggler to diss Lavish D, DB Tha General, Kafani & Messy Marv on “Swear To God” (Oct 2013)

Lavish D sends another diss at Philthy Rich with “King Of Oakland”, he also mentions Mozzy & the beef he has with him. (Oct 2013)

Philthy Rich & Mozzy make “I’m Just Being Honest” directed at Lavish D. (Jan 2014) (video released March 2014)

Lavish D links up DB Tha General to get back at Philthy Rich with “Mac Blast” (Feb. 2014)

Not long after the “I’m Just Being Honest” & “Mac Blast” diss tracks, Lavish D catches a case & ends up in jail (March 2014)

Philthy Rich, Mozzy, Lil Blood, Lil AJ & Joe Blow form the supergroup One Mob (Oct. 2015)

Lavish D gets out of jail, changes his name to CML (Cash Money Lavish) and drops “Speak My Mind (What Else)” – CML mentions One Mob in the track. (July 2017)

The beef starts to cool down, with Philthy Rich saying “that’s great” & that they aren’t beefing anymore in response to CML performing in Oakland (June 2018)

CML says the beef with Philthy Rich is over in an interview (Aug. 2018)

Mozzy signs Messy Marv, who is a long time rival of Philthy Rich. (Dec. 2018)

In an interview, Philthy Rich tells how he feels about Mozzy signing Messy Marv. (Dec. 2018)

Philthy Rich mentions Mozzy signing Messy Marv on the “Gang In Here (Remix)”. (Dec. 2018)

Philthy Rich is seen on IG Live slappin’ the verse of CML’s “Speak My Mind” where CML mentions One Mob (Jan. 2019)

CML previews a verse of Philthy Rich rapping over his hit “Bustdown Touchdown” on IG Live (Jan. 2019)

CML & Philthy Rich go on IG live together, then perform & take picture together at Mistah F.A.B.’s birthday bash (Jan. 2019)

Philthy Rich explains in an interview with KMEL & on IG live why he’s cool with CML. (Jan. 2019)

Before the release of this article, CML was sent back to jail on a parole violation.

The reaction from Northern California fans have been mixed – some people appreciate that two factors from big cities could put their differences to the side & link up together. Others asked that as street dudes, how could they come together after all the disses that have happened behind this beef. Rappers such as Mozzy, Lil Blood, DB Tha General and many others have chimed in on social media as well.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know where you stand.


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