Thizzler On The Roof just turned 10 years old! Here’s a look back at the last decade

I’m not gunna lie to ya’ll. I knew Thizzler’s 10 year anniversary was coming up for months & I STILL missed it. That’s right, Thizzler On The Roof was born 10 years ago on February 6th, 2009. It’s been a wild ride, but what’s funny is I really didn’t think 10 years was that remarkable until I started to pull images from our past for that graphic up there.

We’ve done 2 #ThizzlerJam festivals, 5 years of the official Bay Area Freshmen 10 (shoutout to @DJamen3000 for starting that), 3 years of the Best Of Thizzler award show, a weekly news show #TZLRNews that lasted almost 2 years (shoutout @nump_you_film_me), a weekly talk show with #ThatsMyWord (shoutout @qingqimusic & @dnastee), 4 years of #JackHistoryMonth, over 30 Bay Report mixtapes (shoutout @ImDJGhost), over 100 video mixtapes, 6 years of monthly #BayMusicCharts, hundreds of interviews, blog posts for over 30,000 new music releases, promoted hundreds of artists, dropped classic Thizzler Presents albums & compilations, done documentaries, played soccer with @golasolaso, played basketball with @P_lo, did a Bay showcase in Atlanta & thrown who knows how many events.

I never talk my shit but man, we’re a fucking institution!

I started Thizzler on my own but many people have helped build it to what it is today. A lot of things wouldn’t have been possible without @justrese_. There’s way too many people to shoutout individually, but I appreciate all of ya’ll, even if we haven’t talked in awhile.

So now that it’s out there, I guess we gotta do something to celebrate, huh? We don’t have anything planned right now (we went straight from Best Of Thizzler into Jack History Month & these things are a lot of work to produce) but we’ll put some dope things together this year. We always make it happen one way or another. Drop a comment & let us know what we should do to celebrate Thizzler’s 10 year anniversary!

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