Respect The Shooter Vol. 1: Five Directors to Watch

This week we are kicking off our new segment Respect The Shooter. It showcases the men and women behind the camera. Each volume, we’ll highlight five of the best directors from the Bay Area and Northern California. These directors have been holding down for the scene and its artists, all the while establishing themselves as artists and tastemakers.

With established filmers like Collin Tilly, Suj, and David Camerena Northern California has proven itself to be a hotbed for directors as well as artists. Following in this path the five directors that we’ve decided to feature in the first installment of Respect The Shooter are carving out lanes for themselves, and have shown again and again that the Bay is home to some of the best names, eyes, and visionaries in the industry.

Stewy Films

Oakland’s very own Stewy Films has been shooting some of the Bay’s biggest stars and hottest newcomers for about 7 years now. In 2013 he filmed HD Bearfaced’s “Destiny” video which garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube. He’s also worked with the likes of Philthy Rich, Lil Blood, MBNel, and even artists like $tupid Young from Long beach. His style is raw, and stays true to the artists’ vision.

No gimmicks, just hard-hitting imagery. Some of Stewy’s videos even follow storylines. Stewy has played a major role in breaking newer artists like Stockton’s MBNel and Oakland’s That Boy Z, and in helping established artists solidify their place in the Northern California music scene.

Zach Hurth X Mota Media

Zach Hurth and Mota Media in their own words, “have come together to create a national outlet for rising talent…and are on a mission to bring a genuine and authentic vibe back to the culture of hip-hop.” Zach and Mota have an impressive catalog, working with artists like Mistah FAB, NLE Choppa, Blocboy JB and Lil Bean to name a few.

Through the use of special effects and biting imagery, Zach and Mota create a detailed narrative of the streets and life in the hood. Which in turn, emphasizes the artists’ various messages and visions.

CM Delux

CM Delux is essentially the unofficial videographer for Philthy Rich’s FOD, as well as BOE Sosa. Handling a number of videos for both of the aforementioned artists, as well as the artists under them like Strackavelli, Preddy Boy P, and Dolla Dame. CM’s style is clean. He doesn’t waste time with exaggerated visuals or over the top concepts.

Instead, he uses sharp shots that allow the artists to express their persona. Be on the lookout for more from CM Delux.

Toxik Films

Another directorial team, D3visualz and Trvpy Films have been putting in work in San Francisco and the Bay Area in general for around 3 years now. They worked their way up from filming with lesser-known underground artists, to filming with some of the Bay’s most popping talent, like Swervy, Dex and Mally Bo.

Both D3 and Trvpy hold down San Francisco’s artists focusing most of their directorial outings on the talent that has been born and bred there.

Snipe Films

Stockton’s very own Snipe Films has kept to his roots, doing extensive work with the city’s best and brightest stars. Be it MBNel or Haiti Babii, Snipe has made sure his city’s presence is not only felt and heard but seen as well. However, Snipe has also done a lot of work with artists outside of Stockton.

Working with heavy hitters like YID, Likybo, and John Mackk. Snipe uses clever shots, lighting, and shadows to capture the raw essence of each artist. With a major contribution to both Stockton’s music scene, Snipes has established himself as a leader. Be on the lookout for a lot more from him.

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