Tz Goof (Lil Goofy) – Jokes Up 2 (Tha Fukn Joke Is Up) (Mixtape)

@3RdWoRlDgOoFy returns with the long awaited second installment of his Jokes Up mixtape series. After originally introducing the artwork for the project over a year ago, the 3rdWorldMobEnt. emcee is finally giving the fans what they want..a full project of new heat.

On Jokes Up 2 Tz Goof goes in on sixteen mobb slaps including the previously released title track and the Philthy Rich assisted “Money Mission”, as well as guest appearances from Lil Blood, HD Of Bearfaced, D-Lo, Lil Yee, YID, and more. Tz Goof’s Jokes Up 2 is available on iTunes now, so go pick that up.

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