11 Can’t Miss Albums of 2019 …So Far

We’ve crossed the mid-point of the year, which means that many publications are beginning to consider their end of year awards, lists, and events. We here at Thizzler are no different. Now seems as good a time as any to take a look back at the year so far and assess all of the music we were given. It was a hell of a lot. There were a ton of really great singles, and music videos. But there were fewer really impressive bodies of work. Our team of bloggers took some time to write about 11 albums from 2019 so far, that you will regret not listening to.

Read on below learn the 11 Can’t Miss Albums of 2019…So Far!

Philthy Rich & CML – Fuck Yo Politics

At the top of the year, Philthy Rich and CML (Lavish D) ended their decade long beef, and then surprisingly came together to drop the joint album, Fuck Yo Politics. The album represents a huge moment in Northern California rap. The end of their beef signified a changing landscape within the scene, and further tensed the straining relationship between Philthy and former friend Mozzy. The brief 10-track album finds both Philthy and CML doing what they do best. That’s flex on their detractors. The album’s title points to their thoughts on anyone who feels away about their friendship. Given the dramatic context surrounding its release and the magnitude of the two emcees involved, Fuck Yo Politics is a definite contender for Best Of Album of 2019. – JonahM

Larry June – The Port of San Francisco

After signing with Warner Bros and 2016 and eventually being dropped from the label, San Francisco’s Larry June had some adversity to fight through to say the least. Despite that, Larry has stayed true to himself has been having a pretty major come back. The man has not stopped working! In the past 365 days he’s given us Early Bird, Sock It To Me Pt. 2, Very Peaceful, Sum Light, Mr. Midnight, and the The Port Of San Francisco. The one we’re here to talk about is The Port of San Francisco. Smooth beats, witty bars, and memorable one liners make the project one to run back. Larry June was in his bag and then some. He gave us hints of his business acumen while managing to simultaneously inspire us and make us feel like broke boys in the midst of the casual opulence that is his life. With standout tracks like “Diamond Heights”, and “1987 Vette”, Larry June’s The Port of San Francisco is one of the best albums to come out of Northern California in 2019 so far.  JonahM

G Man & Bris – 10:42

G Man and Bris are two rookies making waves straight out of South Sacramento. The duo have been dropping heat all year individually and recently teamed up to make one hell of an album. 10:42 brings us 9 slaps that go hard, starting with their debut collaboration “Buttnaked”. This is the first track that showcases their chemistry and team dynamic. The two never fail at remembering where they come from, always putting on for their city and respective neighborhoods. This dedication really shows in their music and can be seen in the album’s title 10:42, which was chosen to represent Meadowview and Fruitridge, the neighborhoods they each call home. There’s no question that both of these new artists have been applying pressure as they slowly climb their way up the ladder with their banging murder raps. – Jinson

MBNel – Misunderstood

MBNel had a fantastic 2018 and has continued his run of success into the first half of 2019 with his album Misunderstood. After the Stockton rapper dropped 4 projects in 2018, including Lifestyle, a 14 track opus released through Thizzler, MBNel has continued his pattern of hard work, releasing two projects so far this year, including Misunderstood. For most of the project, MBNel forgoes collaboration, but does have a verse from Sacramento’s BOE Sosa on “Next Up”, where both rap about how they’re rising up in today’s rap game. A couple of our favorite tracks on Misunderstood are “Caskets” and “Aye”, as both songs find Nel spitting fire bars over some slapping production. The album is slap after slap, and that’s why it’s one of the year’s best albums so far. – Ian Thorne

Lil Bean – NastyCampaign

Lil Bean has been on fire in 2019 and his album NastyCampaign, which he released in April, provides all the proof you need in showing Lil Bean’s prowess. The San Francisco native dropped the 15-track album to honor his recently incarcerated cousin Nasty. The album even includes a track with Nasty, the “Nasty Interlude”. Lil Bean works with multiple other artists on NastyCampaign, with notable features from Lil Pete, ZayBang, and Lil Yee. And while Lil Bean does work with numerous artists on his album, he can kill a song by himself without a doubt, and does so on multiple tracks. He does so proficiently on the opening track of the album “Down 2 Ride, a standout and his most popular record to date. Bean’s really only just getting started, but he’s already delivered one of the best albums of the year. – Ian Thorne

Offset Jim – No Pressure

We were first introduced to Offset Jim as the montoned homeboy of ALLBLACK, who had standout performances on collabs like “Big Nigga” and “Penny & Shaq” (Jim is Penny). Since then he’s carved out a lane entirely his own. Offset Jim’s No Pressure, put him on the map in Northern California as one of the most promising acts in the region. With features from Jay Anythony, ALLBLACK and Rexx LIfe Raj, this album is not one to miss. Jim delivered bangers from cover to cover. The album is dripping with greasy street bars, and witty one liners. Jim holds his own throughout the album even when paired with gifted emcees like BLACK and Raj. 

Jim’s flow, and his bars are all so captivating that the only complaint I have about the album is that it isn’t longer. No Pressure is 8 relentless tracks of pure of fire, so it should come as no surprise that it’s made our list for best albums this year. – JonahM

The Mekanix – Donuts

The Mekanix hit us with one of the BAYEST albums of the year with their release of Donuts. It comes as no surprise that the legendary Oakland producer duo would serve us this much heat in one album. The tracklist goes crazy with an allstar guestlist that includes Keak Da Sneak, D-Lo, J. Stalin, Mistah F.A.B, and more. 

The Mekanix really blessed us with 17 slappers on one album. The tracks nostalgically remind us of old school Bay Area antics and what hyphy and mobb embody. Their production skill shines through and is highlighted throughout the production, only shining brighter when complimented by the artists chosen for each record. They’re giving us all something to gig to making it obvious why they are considered as one of the best albums of the year. – Jinson

Allybo – Fallen Angels

Allybo moves with a unique blend of confidence and humility. This is made evident through his latest body of work, Fallen Angels, where the Hayward representative displays a level of depth and versatility that only seems to come from an artist who’s found their stride. On Fallen Angels, Ally shifts effortlessly between hard hitting bangers like “Kill Em All”, his warning shot of an opener, and more introspective joints such as the album’s title track “Fallen Angels”, where Ally takes the time to reflect on those he’s lost along the way. 

It would be easy to get caught at the top of this project, constantly looping his standout single “Shooters” with its hook that’s guaranteed to stick with you for weeks (provided by San Jose product LMB Letrece). However staying until the end is worth it with this one. Ally brings out his storytelling pen on “They Don’t Want It”, a deeper cut that touches on his mother’s drug addiction, the significance of his relationship with his daughter, and more. He then switches styles completely with the melodic, uptempo “Rollacoastah”, where he showcases his vocal strength from start to finish. Fallen Angels, the follow up to Allybo’s previous project Hazard City, is an expansion of the sound that put him on our radar. If you haven’t given it a listen yet, you can find the album here. – James Riley

Stunna Girl – YKWTFGO

Stunna Girl is immediately recognizable on any record. Her distinctive, high-pitched, and nasally adlibs are her calling card. She’s a confident rapper who effortlessly wields her sex appeal to her benefit. The Sacramento representative is not reluctant to express her true feelings; no matter how raw they may be. Detroit based record label, TF Circle Entertainment released Stunna Girl’s 17 track debut YKWTFGO in February. The album has helped demonstrate why she is in her own lane.

The track “Doggy Style”, featuring BangGang Lonnie Bands, finds Stunna Girl being sexy and downright raunchy without sacrificing her lyricism. She continues to hold her own on the album with features from Lil Twist, Lil Yee, Blaatina, and Bangg 3. Her single, “Back In the Day”, proved to be a surprising hit which finds the Oak Park artist showcasing her singing ability. The relatable track references a past lover who has changed for the worse. The single exhibits a softer side of Stunna, but she continues to keep it 100 and kill the beat. YKWTFGO as a first effort sets the tone that Stunna Girl is a name you’re going to continue to hear and she is a force to be reckoned with. – Tay Guruwaya

Mozzy – Internal Affairs

Mozzy had an interesting year to say the least. His beef with Philhy Rich commanded a lot of the conversation around him. However, there were a lot of positives for him as well. He bought his first apartment complex in Sacramento, he’s touring, and he dropped a ridiculous album by the name of Internal Affairs. 13 tracks of pure fire including his barbed shots at Philthy “Chill Phillipe” and “Killdrummy”.

The project boasts features from Lil Poppa, Sada Baby, Teejay3k, Don Q and more. Mozzy is never once out shined by a feature. Overall the album feels well put together, and sees Mozzy delving deeper into tales of street life, its come ups as well as its setbacks. If nothing else the album has helped to solidify Mozzy as one of the best to ever do it from Sacramento. – JonahM

Mistah F.A.B. – Gold Chains & Taco Meat

Mistah F.A.B. has been making hits for the Bay Area since 2002 and continued his success with his April released album Gold Chains & Taco Meat. The new album, released under F.A.B.’s alter ego Hey Baby, consists of 19 tracks that show why he has remained a Bay Area staple for over a decade. F.A.B. got a varied lineup of features for his album, getting features from both established rap acts, like Philthy Rich, Suga Free and Too $hort, and newer Bay Area talent, like Capolow and Two14. With 18 songs on the album, Mistah F.A.B. delivers several slapping tracks, with a few of our favorites being “U Feel Me”, “Ima Player” and “Playa Shit”. If you haven’t heard it yet, we definitely recommend checking it out. – Ian Thorne

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