X-Raided – California Dreamin’ (Album)

. @OfficialXRaided is living life to the fullest and back to doing what he does best with his new album California Dreamin, his second project since being released after a 25 year prison sentence.

Following the success of the title track (and first music video ever) which has amassed 1.4 million views in 9 months on the Thizzler youtube channel, the legendary Sacramento rapper showcases his savage wordplay on 18 total tracks, including guest verses from Yogi Calhoon, Kokane, Bleezo, Macntaj, and more.

One of the reasons X-Raided is successful? He brings both perspective and knowledge to the game that no one else can. Can you think of another rapper that served a life sentence, lived to tell about it, and was still relevant in the game when they touched down? Having 25 years to pen his thoughts, reflections, and experiences along with being a master storyteller, X will forever have quality material in the vault.

Hit the iTunes link to grab your copy of X-Raided’s California Dreamin’ below, and make sure you peep the video for the title track above if you haven’t already.


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