Fly Star Fresh & King L.C. make motivational trap with the help of Pooh Hefner & Joseph Kay

@FlyBoyMS341 connects with King L.C., Pooh Hefner & Joseph Kay titled “In Her Bag”. This motivational track, as the artists refer to it, is for the trap ladies out there who are focused on their bag. These gents want you all to know that you are appreciated and that you should continue on your hustle for the biggest bag you can get. (Promoted)

Thizzler: Where are you from? How was your upbringing?
Fly Boy Moneystarz: We’re From Richmond California, are upbringing was hard, very hard. It was a struggle growing up in Richmond California but we maintain we got are hustle right & built our self up. 

T: How did you begin making music?
FBM: We began making music at an early age just playing around but started taking it seriously around 2011 it was our way of venting the things we experienced as kids growing up, and also as a way to show our creativity.

T: How did you get your rap name?
FBM: We got our rap name one day while we were in the studio. We were flipping out names, we felt like okay we fly, we get money & we’re stars so “Fly Boy Moneystarz” is what we came up with. 

T: How would describe your musical style?
FBM: We would say is universal we could get deep and talk about the struggle life, but we can talk some smooth stuff for the ladies too, we can do dance songs & positive motivational songs as well. So we would say our style is universal.

T: Tell me about the new project.
FBM: For the new project, we are about to drop, the thought was, we need to make a motivational trap song. The focus is the trap ladies, and we wanted to show appreciation because that is what we grew up around.

T: What inspired the project?
FBM: The women that stay focused & go out there & get they bag the ones that don’t let anything stop them.

T: How is it different than previous works?
FBM: This one a little different because it is straight motivation for the ladies that come from our background, we put on for them because we come from that same place.

T: How did your project get its title?
FBM: The song got its name because she focus & she in her bag.

T: What message do you want fans to walk away with after listening?
FBM: We want fans to walk away saying I like how they make motivational music that makes you wanna go chase that money.

T: What’s next?
FBM: We got a couple more project coming. We got the “I Lost It” video featuring J. Stalin about to drop soon, so be on the lookout for that. Oh yeah, we got this Richmond, CA anthem “Make It Happen” coming to, and that is a banger also.

T: Is there anything else you want to say?
FBM: We just going hard for our lost little brother Money Magiic. He passed away in 2017, so we’re putting on for him & our city Richmond California. Justice for Darrion Bolden a.k.a. Money Magiic.

Get “In Her Bag” on Apple Music here. Check out everything from Fly Boy Moneystarz on Thizzler. You can follow Fly Boy Moneystarz on Instagram at @fbms_official. Follow Fly Star Frsh Fresh at @fly_star_fresh. Follow King L.C. at @lc04king. Follow Pooh Hefner at @p00h__hefner. Follow Joseph Kay at @josephkaylivewire

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