Rexx Life Raj – En Route (EP)

@RexxLifeRaj is in album mode, and we know the new album rollout is to drop an album on the way. In this case we got the appropriately titled En Route EP, a 3 track effort which finds Raj teaming with Ekzakt, DTB, and ALLBLACK.

The project begins smoothly enough. “Heaven” and “God” are Ekzakt produced ballads which don’t do much to surprise or shake our understanding of what Raj brings to the table. However the ALLBLACK assisted, DTB produced “Rich” comes barreling in to close out the project. Raj is on his player ish and just wants to remind us not to be fooled by his silky sing-raps. He he’ll still bar it up and make you feel inferior for not having a bag or a plan for securing one. His full length could not come any sooner, but this will hold us down for now.

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