BossLife Big Spence – BossLifeSummer: The Life Chose Me (Album)

@BOSSLIFEBIGBIG has just unleashed his highly anticipated debut project as both an emcee and producer BossLife Summer: The Life Chose Me. After the success of his first single “10K”, the Oakland dual threat looks to continue building his momentum with eleven new tracks including the recently releases single “Dirty Rhymes” produced by BossLife cohort Drew Banga.

BossLife Summer also features raw collaborations with P-Lo, Larry June, Jay Anthony, LulBearRubberband, and Legendvry, plus a monster remix of “10K” featuring Cali heavyweights G-Eazy & G. Perico. BossLife Big Spence debut effort Bosslife Summer: The Life Chose Me is available on iTunes now, so go pick that up!

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